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Cherie is a self-taught, Pro Traveling Makeup Artist. Her services are based in her hometown of Atlanta,Georgia, but her artistry has allowed her to create across the globe.

Cherie's passion for the arts was very clear at a very young age. By the age of 7, she was already attending performing arts summer camps, and had a flare for many talents such as, writing, poetry, drawing, singing, and playing the piano.

As life progressed however, Cherie traded in a life of free expression for academic pursuits, but her love for the arts still burned inside her.

Lost in the college life 3 years into her undergrad, Cherie decided to pursue her own path, and enroll in cosmetology school in 2010. 

The environment of cosmetology school was a new world for Cherie, but she literally found herself in it, and it inspired her  to revisit her love for color and texture, so she began to paint...... 


Makeup artistry came so natural and from 2010-2012, Cherie invested all her time and energy creating inspired editorials and beauty images with her peers. Once she developed her portfolio she went on to work for the coveted MUA brand, MAC Cosmetics, where she worked for five years refining her skills and broadening her makeup experiences through MAC. In 2017, Cherie went off to accommodate her growing clientele and to invest her efforts into developing what is now CherieBeautyLLC. 


Today, Cherie has been in business as an entrepreneur for 3years, in which she has stormed the beauty industry. Her passion is bringing marketing campaigns to life for some of your favorite beauty, hair, & clothing brands through photography makeup. She also has been making a name for her business in the Bridal Makeup industry. 

With her expertise in photography makeup, Cherie  creates timeless looks for her brides, they can look back and be proud of. 

Cherie prides herself on being a versatile artist; always willing to stretch her artistic abilities, to tap into all styles of makeup. 

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In the future, Cherie plans to elevate the CherieBeauty brand by continuing to work passionately to give confidence to her clients. Cherie hopes to continue creating timeless looks and campaigns, diversifying her brand to touch faces EVERYWHERE. 

Cherie says, “ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you behold the world and the universe around you, you will find beauty in everything!” 

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